Valins&Co. was an award winning, branding-focused, production studio that took the New York design scene by storm in 2007. For eight years a team of innovative, creative and dedicated artists came together to produce some of the industry's most memorable campaigns. With a reputation for smart solutions, strong messaging and elegant simplicity, Valins&Co. was often sought out for top-tier projects. Here are some select favorites...

The Bearable Lightness of Packing / Diane Von Furstenberg

Online, OOH, POS

The art of packing as told by the world traveler herself, Diane Von Furstenberg. Oddly enough we were all wearing our favorite wrap dresses the other day when the DVF team called. Yes, all of us. We knew right away it was going to be a dream to partner with the DVF creatives to bring 'The Bearable Lightness of Packing' to life. Launching their new line of modular luggage, the script couldn't have been more beautifully unscripted, and the illustrations more magically whimsical.

City Forward / IBM

Online, OOH

IBM launched a revolutionary website that aggregates data and helps professionals analyze our cities in new ways. This online venture organizes, synthesizes and distributes collected data useful to city planners and thinkers worldwide, ideally leading to new creative solutions for urban design and renewal. However, before the platform existed, IBM tasked us with creating this visual representation of the concept, to bring it to market.

Select Sector SPDR

On Air

Hey! Can you talk through nine of the world's industries in under sixty seconds? Sure we can, watch this! We wove all nine of the Select Sector SPDRs index funds into a graphically intertwined world, held together by one thin web. These break out spots remold the blasé, overdone and bland financial genre by adding the gentle hand of illustration, touch of texture and wit of animation. Now go out and buy some before the market rebounds!

Active E Launch / BMW

Online, OOH, POS

BMW wants you to put your Mustang up on cinder blocks and quit pumping diesel! We just teamed up with KBS+P to bring BMW's new ActiveE electric car pilot program to the masses... A classic call to action, looking for 700 select pioneers to test these speedsters out.... of course, they may not be available till early 2012, but we didn't let that get in the way of this fun typographic message. Now go head, sign up!

The WIN Awards, Year I / Women's Image Network

Online, Event

The WIN awards celebrates those in the entertainment industry who promote economic and social parity among the sexes. Even more astounding than the almost 20 year history of this organization, is the 'who's-who' A list that stands behind the group's efforts. In recognition of their involvement, and with a visual nod to Lou Dorfsman, we designed a typographic salute to the event and its participants.

Trina Turk, Dog Days of Summer / Banana Republic

Online, In Store

Pets + Print + ProSocial = Viral Fun. Tasked by BR to concept an upcoming viral launch to the Trina Turk Collection, Valins presented a multi-layered approach to creating viral content; highlight the playful graphic prints of the Trina Turk Collection, the endless love of our pets, and attach it to a wonderful pro-social cause – the ASPCA. 362 bacon treats, 6 tennis balls and 8 dresses later... pure beauty.

No Woman No Cry / Christy Turlington Burns


Pregnancy is a death sentence for more than half a million women every year, but their deaths would be preventable if they could obtain the health care they needed. This documentary focuses on the personal stories behind those statistics.

Now You Know / Capital One

Times Square

A site-specific installation for Capital One, covering the largest screen real estate in Times Square, the American Eagle billboard. Valins accentuated the fragmented shapes of the building by presenting the messaging through a series of shifting and rotating volumes.

Watercolor / Tiffany&Co.

In Store, OOH

Over the course of multiple years Valins worked hand in hand with the the digital team at Tiffany&Co. to create a series of ephemeral installations that graced the walls of their stores around the world. These slow moving art pieces would subtly change throughout the hour, and throughout the seasons.

The WIN Awards, Year II / Women's Image Network

Online, Event

The WIN awards celebrates those in the entertainment industry who promote economic and social parity among the sexes. Built, not only as a nod to Brooklyn's own groundbreaking action architect/choreographer Elizabeth Streb, but as a visual reminder that we can achieve our goals when we support each-other and work together. This would not have been possible without the talent, strength and dedication of the team at Streb.

Andrew in Drag / The Magnetic Fields

Music Video

The Magnetic Fields wrote an extraordinary song, and we were lucky to be first inline at the jukebox. Together with the band we explored the concept of playing with the ambiguities of gender and attraction. We took the opportunity to create a vibrant collage, exploring the intimate process of transforming ones gender. The backbone of the piece is a series of intimate portraits that lead the viewer to their own complex conclusions of what they are attracted to.

Big Love Open / HBO

On Air

We fell in love with HBO in a big way when they asked us to help design the new title sequence for the fourth season of Big Love. A delicate mix of type and stunning footage, this piece comes together in an eerie yet emotional tango of talent and the credits. The interplay between the ghostly type and HBO's ethereal footage, fading in and out of darkness were intended to complement each other and convey the emotions behind this highly charged drama.

HVC / Delta


An information heavy presentation for Delta employees worldwide discussing the airlines commitment to their most prized customers.

Comedy Central Presents / Comedy Central

Live Event

24 Comedic Stand-Up Specials in one week. Hilarious. Valins was called on to help Comedy Central design not only the show package, but the unique environments that sat behind each comic on a 60' LED screen. Seizing the opportunity to help these young comics get name out there, we wallpapered the stage in names. From concept to load in, definitely one of our favorites!

The Smart Network / Walmart

OOH, National In Store Network

When Walmart began to design a nationwide in-store network that feeds dynamic, location-based product advertisements, they came to us for a clean, simple solution. Valins helped them brand and structure this network that simultaneously plays on 27,000 screens daily.

At Cost Advantage / Vanguard Investments


It's often hard to break down financial conversations into more digestible topics, but for Vanguard we decided to use the international currency of coffee. By keeping the visuals playful and the animation whimsical this piece was a successful clean break from the bland standard of financial sector advertising.

Blackboard Inc.

Online OOH

Blackboard is an industry leader at the intersection of education and technology. This piece kicked off their international marketing campaign discussing the future of ed-tech.